Sangre: The Color of Dying

Carlos Colón


Carlos Colón's first published novel is the story of Nicky Negrón, a Puerto Rican salesman in New York City who is turned into foul-mouthed, urban vampire with a taste for the undesirables of society such as sexual predators, domestic abusers and drug dealers.

A tragic anti-hero, Nicky is haunted by profound loss. When his life is cut short due to an unforeseen event at the Ritz-Carlton, it results in a public sex scandal for his surviving family. He then rises from the dead to become a night stalker with a genetic resistance that enables him to retain his humanity, still valuing his family whilst also struggling to somehow maintain a sense of normalcy.

Simultaneously described as haunting, hilarious, horrifying and heartbreaking, Sángre: The Color of Dying is a breathtakingly fun read.

Release: January 2017

Pages: 353

$15.99 Paperback


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$4.99 eBook

Man Eating F*cks

David Owain Hughes

A dark, incredibly entertaining excursion into the delightfully twisted imagination of David Owain Hughes....


An average teenage girl and her father find themselves caught up in a brutal nightmare at their local recreational centre, when an age-old enemy comes stumbling out of the woods to crash a heavy-metal gig; a gig that has all the promises of being killer. This is one blood-soaked gig you won't want to miss!


Praise for Man-Eating F*cks from Ty Schwamberger (author of The Fields, Deep Dark Woods & The Death of a Horror Writer.)

"Man Eating F*cks is old school horror, but with a new, blood-soaked twist! David Owain Hughes effectively creates enjoyable and lethal characters in this tale that is sure to keep you up at night. This is the type of tale that you need to read with a light on…I'm serious. You better put your seatbelt on 'cause you're in for one helluva ride. Look out, Hughes might very well be headed to the major leagues after this twisted tale! Highly recommended!"

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Pages: 274

















Nightly Visits

Stephen Helmes


    When you close your eyes, where do you go? What do you see? The moment you drift off into that world of the unknown, you are on a rollercoaster ride, speeding down a track that takes you anywhere it wants to take you.


Often it takes us to places that we would never voluntarily go when we’re awake, into a world of darkness, tragedy, and fear. In this virtual reality world, you do things that you would never do when you’re awake, such as jumping from a plane without a chute, or opening the door to a room when you know there is something behind it waiting for you to enter.


But dreams can also tell you stories of love, wit, and treasures. You may wake laughing, crying, or screaming, because your dreams know your weaknesses. They know your every thought, and they know how to attack.
That’s not what Nightly Visits is about.

Release: January 2017

Pages: 441

$15.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook


From 12 to 6 (More Nightly Visits)

Stephen Helmes

Tick-tock, it's twelve o'clock, and you still can't close your eyes. It's six hours before the morning light brings you back to the safety of a living, breathing world. But you're in luck, good reader, because I have ten stories to tell.

Come and see as I lay them out for your pleasure. So, what will it be? Ghosts and goblins? Witches and thieves? We'll follow a professional killer as he begins to realize that his latest hit is more than he bargained for. We'll learn Mamma's dark secret to a long and life. We'll watch the six-legged crawlies as they come out of the woodwork and gather for one final attack, and much, much more.

There is so much to tell and so little time. We must get started. So come. Take my hand, and I'll lead you down the trail of dreams. Don't fear. The woods are dark, and the moon is hidden behind pillows of clouds, but I know the way. I'll take you on a dark journey of love, revenge, betrayal, murder, and things that go bump in the night.

Release: January 2017

Pages: 358

$15.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook




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