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Occipital Circus and other Stories Regarding Phrenology

Anders M Svenning

wonderfully eclectic, definitely terrifying!

A truly eclectic, psychological horror story collection, in which the true monsters are those that skulk about the darkest wrinkles and fissures of the human brain...

Decades ago, the sciences of the brain were in their infancy. One such science was phrenology. Phrenology concerned the study of the skull to deduce the qualities of the brain, and thus the aptitudes of the person themselves. It seems silly today, but it laid the foundation for later work, including the discipline of modern nanoscience and embodied cognition.

Reading triggers neural responses in the brain that mimic the stimuli of actual activities. Will you subject yourself to the cerebral storm? Leaving your mind awash in the shadows and phantoms of reality, flickering electrical impulses to tease your senses as you make your way down a dark and winding path into the mire of cerebral horror. You’ll find no ghosts here. No pale, cold vampires with fetid breath. No werewolves baying at the moon.

Only the tangling cobwebs and mildewed, dusty chambers of the one place mankind may never truly understand. Our own minds.

Release: June 15 2018
Pages: 309

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