The Synagogue Horror

Lesley Sussman

A unique urban mix of dracula, vampire lore, and religion

Rabbi Avrum Steinberg is so much more than just a horror movie loving rabbi of a small, run-down synagogue on New York City's Lower East Side - he  is also a small time private eye, albeit with cases no more exhilarating than locating debtors  and errant, deadbeat husbands.

Following the bizarre murder of a young woman in his synagogue, Steinberg begins to suspect that a vampire may be loose in New York, and before long, his suspicions are proven true. It takes the help of Wilomena - a young, mysterious, African-American minister - to help the rabbi hunt down the infamous Count Dracula himself, who is holed up in an abandoned subway tunnel beneath the City's bustling sidewalks.

In their perilous and terrifying journey, the rabbi and Wilomina are joined by a band of elderly Kabbalists and Steinberg's son, and along the way the vampire hunters encounter zombies, fallen angels, some familiar vampires, and even a ghost or two. This unique urban vampire story pits the powers of faith against an ancient, dark power of evil - proving once again, that dispatching the master vampire is by far no easy task

Release: November 30th 2018

Pages: 568

$16.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook

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