Nikki Freeman

Nikki D. Freeman, a lifelong resident of Cleveland, Tennessee, works hard to create stories that will make you think twice about sleeping with one foot sticking out from beneath the covers. She writes dark horror and psychological thrillers. She’s been writing horror stories since a young age, taking classes throughout high school and college to hone her talent. In later years, she enlisted in classes through Writer’s Digest, working alongside a professional author who published her short story ‘Hell’s Gate’ in Writer’s Digest magazine for an educational article.

Nikki’s short stories, ‘Saved by Fear’, ‘Condemned’, ‘Late’, and ‘Dusty’s Rose’ have appeared in The Harrow and The Writer’s Hood, as well as her poem ‘Yesterday’ in The International Library of Poetry.

Since 2013, Nikki has been an advocate against abuse, reaching out to educate others on how to spot the red flags of malignant narcissism while providing insight and support to others through the emotional turmoil it instills within the survivor’s psyche. In her novel ‘Tremble’ Nikki uses her experiences to bring to life the emotions of the main character, Rebecca Noland, as she battles her own perilous struggles.

A lover of nature, Nikki spends a considerable amount of time in the mountains, absorbing the history of the land. What intrigues her the most is stumbling upon hidden cemeteries in the forest or long abandoned buildings weathered by time. “That,” she says, “is what sets the imagination on fire… the mystery of not knowing who lived there. Not knowing what happened behind those walls. That’s when the craving to fill in the blanks really hits.” 

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