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Tripping Balls

Gochni Schindler

darkly surreal poetry

A thought provoking, eclectic, disturbing and at times downright weird collection of poetry, short stories and insightful musings from the inimitable Gocni Schindler....

Gocni Schindler, personally I thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Tripping Balls is an unimaginable journey of eclectic, weird and thought-provoking short stories and poetry written over the course of seven years. 

Set in the tale of fiction protecting the guilty.  Criminals!   

He offers a variety of stories which beautifully gives the awesome reader, like you, the opportunity to experience different levels of thought and contemplation. I know, it’s so exciting!  God willing, some humor as well. 

The book takes off with a top shelf short story titled Hell-A-Expense. Super! Within this tale, the Demon takes possession of its victim and takes you along for the ride as a co-conspirator.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!  Step right up, step right up! Meet Johnny B Fast and the tale of Dynamic Drunken Disorderly. Damn, that’s a memory!  Moving along, moving along,

Oh, yes, we stop at the tale of Henrietta and her treacherous trip. What a bitch!  Insane is sexual.  Oh, look, another fine telling of a good story!  Mental Blues and a possible moment at the mental ward.  ‘Innocent I tell you, I’m innocent!’ Stop right there! Let me introduce you to the Homeless man, Ronin, and that good buddy Actor Man and yes, there is an almighty telling of their rotten tales.

You’ll meet them and plenty other amazing and exciting characters but not starting in Paradise. 

Have fun, jump around and own it as an adventure! 

Love you  GS.

Release: October 27 2017
Pages: 267

$14.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook

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