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The Pleasure Hunt

Jacob Floyd

spine chilling erotic horror at its very best

After meeting the mysterious Dark Dance on the casual encounters website, The Pleasure Hunters Club, Sexy Cupid finds himself enchanted by an enigmatic seductress – Dark Dance.

After experiencing bizarre, nightmarish visions during their first physical liaison, Cupid awakes on a bench somewhere in Louisville, unable to get the mystifying creature off his mind. As he begins to search both online and through the seedy streets of the city for her, he uncovers harrowing truths about the object of his obsession, truths which fill him with both indomitable dread and inexplicable love for her.

By the time Cupid begins to understand the terror he faces, the shackles on his soul are already too tight as the ancient monster has her talons dug well into his flesh.
Every time he is swept away to her world of Theia - the Moon Realm - she extracts and devours yet another piece of his very essence, and despite the merciless torment of his encounters with his obsession - and the warnings of, a menacing stranger - he presses on to find her, dragging himself deeper into her darkened realm.

Cupid soon finds that he may have but one opportunity to escape the demonic Dark Dance, but the bewitchment she has cast upon his heart may deter him from making a stand; with his soul about to slip down the gullet of the beast, Cupid has to make a decision before he is forever wrapped in the wicked thaumaturge's wings of eternal damnation.




The Urban Dictionaries definition of pulp fiction is exactly how I would describe this book -
Pulp: containing lurid subject matter. Fiction: a literary work whose content is produced by imagination.
Jacob Floyd has written a cult book that will enamour some and not others. I will, however, add that what Floyd has done is unique in a way that it is also a tale of morality. I was taken with the way that Floyd writes with an almost prose like description of the world he has created. This helps the reader to see what he sees and we are taken deep into his imagination.
So what's it all about then?
Sexy Cupid is a member of The Pleasure Hunters Club. Essentially an online hook-up group, where the user can't use their real name. The name they use can't even sound like a real name, hence Sexy Cupid. We meet Cupid after a booty call with Delicious Silhouette. He then goes home and despite enjoying the company of Delicious Silhouette immediately goes online to look for another hook up. The phrase 'be careful what you wish for' comes to mind.
Cupid gets more than he can handle in the form of Dark Dance. A meet up in a warehouse that night leads to some epic and bizarre sex. During the encounter, Cupid is not entirely sure what's real and what's not and he believes he is hallucinating. Dark Dance, however, has literally worked her magic on him initiating him into her realm of Theia - The Moon Realm.
Cupid wakes up on a bench the following morning. Despite a warning from a stranger, he is smitten and believes only Dark Dance can now satisfy him. He searches the city of Louisville for Dark Dance, allowing himself to be dominated by her heart, mind, body and soul. Every encounter feeds his need and fascination for her whilst also drawing him into her dark demonic world, until it's almost too late to escape her hypnotic power over him.
The protagonist has one chance to get away but struggles with the concept of living without Dark Dance, as he is now addicted to their sexual encounters. Posed with a choice, Cupid must decide; does he give up his soul to this bewitching enchantress and stay trapped in eternal damnation? To sum up, I think it's a fair read. Jacob Floyd has produced what I call the marmite effect, you'll either love it or hate it. At first, I found it quite hard to get on with but I'm glad I persisted as I grew to like it and some of his descriptive work is really good. If you like your horror mixed with erotic fiction then I think you'll like this. If I had to give it a rating, it would be 7/10 and I would read some of his other books if I came across them.
Have a read and find out for yourself.
Helen Scott.


Release: December 1 2017
Pages: 350

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