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Nightly Visits

Stephen Helmes

From the author of from 12 to 6

When you close your eyes, where do you go? What do you see? The moment you drift off into that world of the unknown, you are on a rollercoaster ride, speeding down a track that takes you anywhere it wants to take you.

Often it takes us to places that we would never voluntarily go when we’re awake, into a world of darkness, tragedy, and fear. In this virtual reality world, you do things that you would never do when you’re awake, such as jumping from a plane without a chute, or opening the door to a room when you know there is something behind it waiting for you to enter.

But dreams can also tell you stories of love, wit, and treasures. You may wake laughing, crying, or screaming, because your dreams know your weaknesses. They know your every thought, and they know how to attack.
That’s not what Nightly Visits is about.

Release: January 2017

Pages: 441

$15.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook

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