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Light Musings

Xtina Marie

the companion piece to dark musings

What a web she weaves. Light Musings is a poetic narrative - a story told through related poems. Xtina Marie is a master of this style. Known by her fans as the Dark Poet Princess, this term of endearment came about as a result of the horror genre embracing her first book: Dark Musings which continues to garner stellar reviews. 

Light Musings will not disappoint her loyal fans as darkness is present within these pages as well. However, this latest book will show a much larger audience that Xtina’s poetry pulls out every feeling the reader has ever experienced - forcing them to feel with her protagonist. 

Light Musings shows us that love is made from darkness and light; something Xtina Marie explores like no one else.

“Thank you for sharing your emotions so eloquently.” Icingdeathe - Amazon

”Her poetry is a work of art.” D. Owens - Amazon

”Xtina is the Queen of poetry . . . “ Michael - Amazon

”She writes the kind of poetry that speaks to people. . . “ C. Cline - Amazon

Released June 2017
Pages 140

$9.99 Paperback

$2.99 eBook

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