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Depraved Desires: Volume 1

an anthology of the darkly erotic

Depraved Desires reaches into the very marrow of the reader's soul. The stories within this collection are by turns arousing and heartbreaking, savage and terrifying - and also as sexy as hell. Within these pages, you'll become intimately acquainted with the authors - and you'll even learn a few things about yourself. Depraved Desires is an adventure that takes its readers to dizzying heights, devastating lows, and deep down into those to dark, slippery corners that are sometimes best left unexplored. But once you go there, you won't want to turn back, that much I can promise. A delicious read for anyone who likes a soupçon of darkness and a visceral, sexy edge to their reading.  Alistair Cross 2017


We all have them, even if we won't admit it. Some are considered normal, and probably healthy. But what about the others?
Those haunting stirrings within that rail against societal norms and the bounds of decency?
Depraved Desires delves into the writhing depths of carnal appetites and sin, peeling back the veneer to reveal tales of wanton lust and supernatural depravity... The terrifying prospect of knife play; a cosmic liaison; a classy party that turned out to be more than a hired call girl ever expected; or when a sinister fantasy becomes reality - all will shock you.
Whether your desires drive you mad or your madness drives your desires, delving within these pages will take you to places where those itches live, the ones that demand to be scratched.

Release: April 2017
Pages: 348

Paperback: $14.99

eBook: $4.99

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