Donna Maria McCarthy

Donna Maria was brought up in the idyllic surroundings of rural Oxfordshire, where adventures were spent, on hazy summer days that seemed to last for an eternity.
Always a great reader, Alice in Wonderland was her bible, and her copy was always neatly stashed away in her bag, wherever the promise of magic and discovery sent her.
The youngest in a family of six brothers she grew up with a scholarly knowledge of both girls and boys, her best friends of all her two nearest siblings.
Her imagination is limitless, and when she said farewell to Oxfordshire, heart-breaking though it was, the bustling and forever changing demographic of Southampton and its urban creatures of both good and more questionable forces, proved a treat for the dark and fantastical realms, in her mind.
Epic poetry, lengthy school assignments, and tales around urban campfires filled her days. At school leaving age she decided that even more knowledge, of our beautiful language, was exactly what her hungry mind required.
She went to a City College, studying English Literature, English Language, Sociology and Spanish, finding the Sociology ripe with tales from folklore and beliefs, to her absolute delight, and the Spanish, a wonderful addition to stories that brewed in her fertile mind.
She excelled at all, the English subjects especially, and upon leaving college decided that there were so many other ways to fill her note books with worthy subjects, and became gainfully employed working for the MOD, no less! On applying for a job as the Receptionist for an engineering company, part of the MOD, her talents for attention to detail and a fantastic memory were discovered and soon her role was finely tuned for somebody of her scope.
Enough said! Obviously she has signed the Official Secrets act, and can never disclose more, and although this was an incredibly exciting time in her life, she maintains that each and every episode so far has been equal in excitement; the mind is a strange and un-tamed beast, and in some is all consuming. The produce can sometimes be really quite spectacular.
Biddy Trott is Donna’s third literary work, Gothic in nature (as is her passion) saying that she finds the language and taboo subject matters tantalising and exquisite.
‘True beauty and treasure can be found here, where most do not attribute such praise to the subject matter, those that do are blessed with a vision that spots shadows on moonless nights and amber warmth in the blackest eyes.’
Biddy Trott came about on just such a night, where the night sky gave nothing but ebony blackness and introspection was where she sought out light. A tragic tale began to form, shrouded in evil, darkness… the injustice of preconceptions, the instinct in us all to fear without question. To be lead by those who appear to see in the dark... though really these leaders are part of the Devil's armoury, they twist and deform the weak, making them believe in power that can send one to its death...that they are in some way integral to justice, that they have been, up until now, overlooked.
And so, Biddy Trott breathed life and is to date Donna's favourite piece of work (However this has been stated on completion of each of her books)
The Meddler is Donna’s second novel; it is a dark but beautifully twisted fairy tale, that she affectionately calls, ‘Magic for beyond the twilight.’
Perhaps this is a polite way of saying that this is truly purely for adults, and although comical, satirical and full of emotions, it is also, in some places sinister; but then aren’t all Fairy Tales?
Following research, she found that all were inspired by actual events, and perhaps on closer inspection the darker side of these often whimsical tales, is really quite scary: and maybe more owed to a group of people trying to come to terms with a conscience, or even a nation.
However, these stories, and there are so many more, not in popular circulation, are manna from Heaven for Donna. In fact, any peculiarity or human success of failing are stored away and slowly fed to the beast in her mind that issues forth these remarkable tales.
The Hangman’s Hitch is her debut novel, and once again, although there is bountiful humour found within the pages, the subject of a man hunted down by a very real devil, is haunting and horrific.
Set in 18th century England, the characters are Dickensian like, full of colour and idiosyncrasies, and so makes an otherwise quite gruelling subject, strangely compelling and enjoyable.
In true Donna fashion, she hopes she has captured you with this insight into herself and inspirations, and thanks you for your time, hoping that you are intrigued enough to dip in and experience magic that you may have mislaid in growing up!




'If Biddy knows no rest, then none shall…'

A tragedy born of malice and evil, a tortured body and soul. The town of Royal Rumney have a conscience, a secret that tears away at their sanity.

Any soul shall be offered up in place of the damned.

'And ever the church bells tell a lie, is Biddy who comes and another will die.


Set in eighteenth century England in the small market town of Royal Rumny, Biddy Trott, is a Gothic Horror novella with tragedy at its core.

A young girl, falsely blamed for a fire which destroyed the town and killed many, is hunted down, tortured and killed gruesomely, with no conscience.

Lord Abner Alexander, a member of the elite and privileged, travels to the town in search of some peace and respite from his very bawdy and raucous lifestyle.
The town seems pleasant enough and the people welcoming, although unyielding where their dark and harrowing past is concerned.

Amongst some, shame, amongst others a distorted pride. Abner's first indication that something evil lurks here is on his first night, where the Abbey bells toll two, and he finds himself witness to a terrifying slaying… not knowing whether it a dream or not, he remains, and becomes bewitched by a passion to record any horrors he feels he witnesses.

Release: Winter 2017

Pages: TBA

$9.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook



'Meet The Meddler, in this exquisite, timeless faery tale for grown-ups...'

Hare's Folly - a town with many deep dark secrets and demons the same. 

Beset by murder and horrific ritualistic mutilations - they look to blame any but themselves and harbour the most evil of entities, nurturing this satanic brood. 

The Meddler is a creature that sees all - both good and evil, residing in the subconscious of even the most brutal and sadistic of souls. 

No thought escapes him and neither will evolution as fatefully he begins to lose the ability to foresee.
Hare's Folly will oust its devils but at the ultimate cost. 

Grief will wash clean those that came full of hatred to rid themselves of guilt - whilst those that are beyond anything good will revel in this tragedy and feast on the pain.  

Release: March 2018

Pages: 240

$14.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook